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About In Season Today

What does this web app do?

In Season Today aims to alert you to fruits and vegetables you should be looking for in markets right now, giving you a prioritized and opinionated daily list. The top of the list should have your focus: for flavor, for your health, and for your budget.

Our custom algorithm for promoting seasonal produce is what sets us apart from all other guides. We sort produce using three criteria:

  1. Season length: if the season is quick, we want you to focus on that food so you don't miss out for the year.
  2. Proximity to peak: how close is the food's sesaonal peak from today. This is not an exact science because weather and farming are uncertain. Maybe things can go wrong shifting the season or destroying crops. We try to tune this value as well as we can.
  3. Importance: how much people like this seasonal food, and how important is that this food is consumed during its season. This is the "opinionated" part of our algorithm, coaxing the outcomes that we want.

Why did you make it?

We made it for a couple reasons.

From a geek's perspective, the application can be built in an interesting way. Annual seasonal data does not change much -- what changes is the earth (today's date). That means that when you go to, it shows you something new that we can anticipate, so the page can be lightening fast on subsequent requests. That's something we want to explore.

The other reason is that we think it's a nice contribution to the world. Helping people find and eat healthy, delicious foods seems worth our time. We think that enjoying food and sharing it with those we love is one of the great pleasures of life.

What part of the world is it optimized for?

In Season Today is optimized for the Western United States and centered in California where most of our produce comes from.

We need to make the software really good in one place before we try to do another. California is geographically diverse and the state has twenty-four different climate zones. That's enough of a challenge for us to start with.

If we do this well, and if people show interest, we would love to expand the data support other areas of the world. For example, Japan would be good location to support because seasonal produce is highly valued there.

How accurate is the seasonal data?

In farming you can never predict what is going to happen and every year is a little different. We use past farming data -- averages from previous years that we expect to continue. We do not change the data unless we think that the trend is going to permanently shift.

This web app is very useful to me. How can I support it?!

If you like In Season Today please share it with your friends and family, online or wherever. And thank you very much. :) 💚

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